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Theater and Acting

Hi! I'm going to start a new category and talk about things like theater and acting. I've been acting in theater since I was 4, I've always loved it. I took a little break from theater for a few years but in those few years I was practicing acting and in acting lessons along with hiphop dance classes which I love and have actually gotten pretty good at. Just a few days ago I started my theater camp. I'm having so much fun getting back to being on stage and singing. We are doing a triple threat which if you're not familiar with theater means singing dancing and acting. Tomorrow I actually have my audition for what part I will get in the show. No matter what part I get though, lead or background ensemble, this show is going to be amazingly fun. The show is SpongeBob The Musical Jr. It's wacky and crazy because well, it's SpongeBob. I've been really scared for my audition because I'm afraid I will embarrass myself in front of the directors but some of the other directors and teachers have helped me and my other fellow actors and actresses in the show that this is a crazy wacky show, so there's no way you can embarrass yourself because if you want one of the main roles you have to be embarrassing and crazy and funny. Now, I'm not as worried about it because I know just being me could possibly get me a leading role. Now I know that there is a bigger possibility of me getting a background ensemble character than there is me getting a big leading role, but what has helped me before when auditioning is audition like you're not auditioning, I know that sounds confusing but basically just pretend like it's the night of the big show, you have already auditioned and you got the leading role. You're on stage looking at all the people in the audience. You're going to want to be big and exciting and have the most energy you can right? When actually auditioning you have to do the same, the directors want to see what you would be like as the big character on stage for the big night. They're looking for who can show the most personality and transform so easily into someone their not because when you're acting you're not yourself, you're the character and I think that's the hardest part of acting, trying to make it seem so effortless to be a new and different person. I hope that maybe the audition tips can help you a bit. Bye!

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